The 11th British Silent Film Festival        3-6 April  

Rats, Rascals and Ruffians: the Globalisation of Crime and the British Silent Film

Broadway, Nottingham



At The Foot of the Scaffold (1913)

The Bargain (1921) 74mins

David Williams – Street Crime GB: the Fascination with other people’s problems in early film

Red Pearls (1930) 74mins

The Imperial War Museum – new projects presented by David Walsh

The Woman’s Portion (1918)
Everybody’s Business (1917)

At the Villa Rose (1920)

Der Mann im Keller (1914)

Carmen von St Pauli (1928)


The Old Man in the Corner: The Kensington Mystery (1924)

Tony Fletcher – A Study in Detection

The Jealous Doll,
Bobby the Boy Scout,
Ltn Daring and the Plans of the Minefields,
The Detective’s Dog,
The False Coiners,
Zigomar Peau D’Anguille
Three Fingered Kate and the Wedding Presents

Jude Cowan
The Mechanical Novelty Film
Exts Trapped by the London Sharks

Andrew Shail
The Cinematograph and the Metamorphosis of Crime Fiction 20mins

Gerry Turvey
Three-Fingered Kate: Celebrating womanly cunning and successful female criminal enterprise

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Red Circle (1922)

Ian Christie The White Slave Trade
Traffic In Souls (1913)

The Hill Park Mystery (1923)

+Dr Nicholas and the Blue Diamond (ext)
Introduction by Mikael Braae

Sarah Macgregor
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?: Tales of diamond smuggling in early cinema

Jaakko Seppala
International Crime in Finish Cinema of the late 1920s

The 2nd Rachael Low Lecture given by Kevin Brownlow

Chicago (1927)



Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Man with the Twisted Lip (1921)

Lawrence Napper
British Post War Cinema and the ‘Bacillus of Bigamy’

Martin Carter
Anthony Asquith’s Crimes of Passion

Jenny Stewart
Piccadilly – The eroticism of Anna May Wong and her representation as ‘other’

Women and Silent Britain
Introduced and presented by Clare Watson & Nathalie Morris.

Simon Brown
Blanche MacIntosh – First Lady of Screen Crime

Amy Sargeant
The return of Mata Hari: A Woman Redeemed (1927)

Lisa Stead
It costs nothing to wish! Fan writing and self-representation in the British silent cinema

Tony Fletcher
Laura Eugenia Smith and the Biokam Films

David Mayer

The Whip (1917) 70mins plus Pimple in the Whip (1917) 20mins

Luke McKernan

The Olympic Games on Film 1900-1924


St Peters Church   The Rat (1925)


The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu: The West Case episode 2 (1923) 30mins

Frank Scheide
Petty Crime in Fred Karno’s Music Hall Sketches as an Influence in the Early Films of Charlie Chaplin

Ian W. Macdonald
Mr. Gilfil’s Love Story: A closer look at film adaptation in the 1920s

Trapped By The Mormons (1922) 85mins

The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu (1923) The Clue of the Pigtail 30mins

Melodrama from Stage to Screen
Introduced and presented by Sarah Hibberd

Philip Carli
Stage-screen transformations of the melodramatic

Neil Brand
Music and Melodrama

Polly Goodwin
Acting Suspicious: exemplification of silent film acting techniques in Hitchcock’s early crime talkies

Dans la Nuit (1929)

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