The 9th British Silent Cinema Festival          6-9 April

Channel Crossings: Anglo-European Film Relations Before 1930

Broadway, Nottingham



The Beloved Vagabond (Fred Leroy Granville, GB 1923)

Laughter and Tears [Een lach en een traan] (B. E. Doxat-Pratt, Netherlands/GB 1921)

Flames of Passion (Graham Cutts, GB 1922) [*Dutch intertitles*]

The Constant Nymph (Adrian Brunel, GB 1928)

Weekend Wives (Harry Lachman, GB 1928)

Paris (1922)


Jan-anders Diesen & Neil Fulton

‘English Pioneer Filmmakers in Norway’

Decent into the Crater of Vesuvius (Burlingham, GB1913)

The Wellman Polar Expedition (Charles Urban Trading Company/J. H. Avery, GB 1906)

David Williams

‘Continentals on the Cards’

Tony Fletcher

‘From ‘Stockholm to Hamburg’ (via Saarbruken, Stockport, Brussels, Stockton-on-Tees, Rome, Moscow and Paris)’

+selection of “city films”


As God Made Her [Zoo als ik ben] (B. E. Doxat-Pratt, Netherlands/GB 1920) [extract]

Circus Jim [Zirkus Jim] (B. E. Doxat-Pratt & Adelqui Migliar, Netherlands/GB 1922) [extract]

The Skin Game [Hard tegen hard] (B. E. Doxat-Pratt, Netherlands/GB 1921)

Bryony Dixon

‘Around Europe with the Abbé Joye’

a selection of colour films from the BFI NFTVA’s Joye

William Fowler

’Primitive and Savage Cinema, from Britain, Europe and Beyond’

Savage South Africa – Attack and Repulse (Warwick Trading Company, GB 1899)

(Beheading a Chinese Boxer) (c1900)

Mondo Cane (Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi & Paolo Cavara, Italy 1962) [extract]

Crossing the Great Sagrada (Adrian Brunel, GB 1924) [extract]

Panel Session with Jonathan Burrows, Pierluigi Ercole & Ian Christie

Jonathan Burrows: ‘After the Paris Congress; or, How the British Film Industry Came to Hate Pathé and Love Edison, 1910-1914′

Pierluigi Ercole: ‘”One lives now, but one sees then”: Imagining Italy’s Past and the Critical Reception of Italian Historical Films in Britain (1908-1915)’

Quo Vadis? (Enrico Guazzoni, Italy 1912) [extract]

Gli Ultimi Giorni di Pompei [The Last Days of Pompeii] (Mario Caserini, Italy 1913) [extract]

Ian Christie: ‘Spectacle and Sensation: The Impact of European Exclusives on the British Film Market, 1909-1914′

La Caduta di Troia [The Fall of Troy]  (Pietro Fosco [Giovanni Pastrone] & Luigi Romano Borgnetto, Italy 1911)

[Italian intertitles]

The Alley Cat [Nachtgestalten] (Hans Steinhoff, GB/Germany 1929)

plus short: London by Night (Wonderful London series)

(Harry B. Parkinson & Frank Miller, GB 1924)


Michael Eaton

Grand Guignol in Clapham: Anglicising the Theatre of Fear and Terror’

A Game for Two (Grand Guignol series) (Fred Paul & Jack Raymond, GB 1921)

The Last Appeal (Grand Guignol series) (Fred Paul, GB 1921)

The Jest (Grand Guignol series) (Fred Paul, GB 1921)

Gerry Turvey

Her Lover’s Honour (1909): The French Film d’Art and British Cinema’

Her Lover’s Honour (British and Colonial Kinematograph Company, GB 1909)

L’Assassinat du Duc de Guise [The Assassination of the Duke de Guise] (andré Calmettes & Charles Le Bargy, France 1908) [extract]

Lawrence Napper ‘Blighty and the Continent’

Blighty (Adrian Brunel, GB 1927) [extract]

The Road to Happiness [Fiaker Nr. 13] (Michael Curtiz, Austria/Germany/GB 1926)

plus extract: Moon of Israel [Die Sklavenkönigin] (Michael Curtiz, Austria/GB 1924)

David Robinson  ‘The Film Society Mystery’

Andrew Higson

’Film Europe Under the Microscope: The Golden Butterfly,

The Road to Happiness and the Anglo-Austrian Collaboration, 1924-1926′

Amy Sargeant

’Good and Bad Russians’

The Blackguard [Die Prinzessin und der Geiger] (Graham Cutts, GB/Germany 1925) [extract]

Storm Over Asia [Potomok Chingis-Khana] (Vsevolod Pudovkin, USSR 1928) [extract]

Battling Bruisers (Adrian Brunel, GB 1925) [extract]

Luke McKernan with Mo Heard & Neil Brand

‘Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee’

St Peter’s Church

Downhill (Alfred Hitchcock, GB 1927)


Daughter of the Regiment [Die Regimentstochter] (Hans Behrendt, Germany/GB 1929)

Kelly Robinson

’”Emblazon on their flag the words, ‘Collaboration and Reciprocity’”. J. D. Williams and John Maxwell: Britain’s Film Super-men and the Film Europe Endeavour in the Early 1920s’

Pavement Butterfly [Großstadtschmetterling] (Richard Eichberg, Germany/GB 1929) [extract]

Graham Petrie

‘The Three Informers’

The Informer (Arthur Robison, GB 1929) [extracts]

The Informer (John Ford, US 1935) [extract]

Ian Macdonald

‘More Playwriting for the Pictures’

Jude Cowan

’Newsfilm Online: A BUFVC Project at the ITN Archive’

(Gaumont Graphic newsreel items relating to Germany and Italy)

Luke McKernan

’Family History for Film Historians’

Silent Britain (Directed by David Thompson,

Written and Presented by Matthew Sweet, GB 2005)

The Wooing of Eve [Die Fahrt ins Abenteuer] (Max Mack, Germany/GB 1926)

Terje Vigen [A Man There Was] (Victor Sjöström, Sweden 1917) [German intertitles]

plus short: Napoleon and the English Sailor (Alf Collins, GB 1908)

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