The 8th British Silent Cinema Festival      7-10 April

Channel Crossings: Anglo-European Film Relations Before 1930

Broadway, Nottingham



The Bondman, GB, 1929, Herbert Wilcox, (105mins)

The Call of the Blood (l’Appel du Sang) France (1920) Louis Mercanton, (71mins)

Human Law GB/Germany, 1926, Maurice Elvey, (84mins)

Paris 1900 (Fr 1948)

The Last Lesson (GB 1918)
The Fugitive Futurist (GB 1924)

The Woman He Scorned (GB, 1929) +
Rough Seas Around British Coasts (GB 1929)


‘Ici Londres, 1929′

Screenings introduced by Tony Fletcher

In a Japanese Garden (1928)

Dark Red Roses (1929)

The Flame of Love (1929)

Prix de Beaute (1929)

La Petite Marchande D’Allumette (1928)

Battling Bruisers (1925)

Everyday (1929)

‘It Happened in Venice: Adrian Brunel and The Man Without Desire (1923) presentation by Nathalie Morris

‘One Death Sentence and Three Lives: Walter Rilla in German and British Film’ presentation by Gerhild Krebs

‘The Films of Theo Bouwmeester’ introduced by Fred Lake

Screenings An Attempt to Smash a Bank (1909), A Woman’s Treachery (1910), The Old Soldier (1910)

‘Harry Southwell and the British-Australian involvement in the dream of a Belgian Hollywood’ Presentation by Leen Engelen and Roel Vande Winkel
David, Belgium, 1924, Harry Southwell (34mins)

The Golden Butterfly (Der Goldene Schmetterling) Austria/Germany, 1926, Michael Curtiz (77mins)

“Harry ‘Little Tich’ Relph: English Music Hall Phenomenon and International Superstar” presentation by Frank Scheide

‘Gaston Quiribet That Clever Frenchman’ presentation by David Williams

‘E.A. Dupont from Variety to Piccadilly’ Presentation by Graham Petrie followed by open discussion

Atlantic GB, 1929 E.A Dupont (90 mins) sound + Climbing the Jungfrau (1915) Frederick Burlingham, 9mins (silent)


Radio Europa (Nlds 1931)
The Birthplace of Goethe GB 1925, Community Service
Glimpses of Modern Russia GB 1930, Workers’ Film Movement The Loveliest City in Europe GB 1920, Community Service
Amsterdam 1910 Gaumont
The Magic of Munich c 1930
Travelling Deluxe to the Continent (GB 1929) Gaumont
Eine Fahrt Durch Berlin (Journey Through Berlin) (Germany 1910)

‘Rough Sea at Dover and the reception of a sea that divides Britain and the Continent’ presentation by William Fowler

Rough Sea at Dover GB 1895, Bert Aces & R.W Paul
Sea Cave Near Lisbon GB 1896, R.W Paul
Rough Sea (France 1901)
Rough Sea (GB 1900) Bamforth
Rough Sea Breaking Against a Stone Wall (Fr 1901)

‘The Channel Tunnel in High Treason (1929): Urban Mobility and Context. presentation by Richard Koeck (20mins)

Tunnel sous le Manche: Cauchemar Franco-Anglais (Tunnelling the English Channel: The Anglo-French Nightmare) France 1907,  George Melies (extr.)


“Italy is the Land of Colour” Picturesque Italy: documentaries in Kinemacolor shot in Italy’ presentation by Orsola Silvestrini

‘Frederick Burlingham: British Cinema’s European Correspondent’ presentation by Gerry Turvey

‘Stereotypes of the English Tourist in Early Norwegian Cinema’ presentation by Jan-anders Diesen and Neil Fulton

Tesha (GB 1928) Victor Saville

The Early European Film Business
Panel Discussion

‘The Distribution of Italian Films in Britain 1907-1915′ presentation by Pierluigi Ercole

‘Mammon and the Trade: the European Film Business and Renters and Sales Agents in London’ presentation by Simon Brown.

That Fateful Year 1909′: Panel discussion on the influence of the 1909 Congress on the future of British and European film production led by Jon Burrows with Ian Christie, Martin Loiperdinger, Jean-Jacques Meusy

Special Screening and reception at St Peters Church:
Electric Edwardians: The Films of Mitchell & Kenyon


Screening: Amleto (Hamlet), Italy 1917, Eleuterio Rodolfi (64mins) introduced by Luke Mckernan


‘About Ivor Novello’s Image: Comparing Silent Bodies’ Presentation by Eric de Kuyper

‘The London Project’ Simon Brown and Luke McKernan; update on new research on early film in London


‘She (1926): An Anglo-German-American Experiment’ presentation by Jude Cowan

‘La Belle France Steps In: International Co-operation and European Presence in Pathe Cinemaagazines’ presentation by Emily Fuller

‘Night and Fog and Benighted Ladies’ presentation by Amy Sargeant

Presentations and Panel Discussion 2

‘British Cinema and Film Europe in the 1920s’ presentation by andrew Higson Followed by open discussion

Cape Forlorn (extract of rushes in 3 languages) E.A Dupont 1930 (16mins)

‘Playwriting for the Cinema in Britain: The Shape of the screenplay before 1930′: presentation by Ian Macdonald.

The Black Tulip (GB/Netherlands 1921)

Dir. Frankland A. Richardson

Screening: Hamlet (Hamlet the Drama of Vengeance) (Germany 1920)

Dir. Sven Gade & Heinz Schall

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