The 3rd British Silent Cinema Weekend       14– 16 April

Performing British Cinema

Broadway,  Nottingham


Fox Farm (George Clark Productions, GB 1922)
Dir: Guy Newell

The Little People (Welsh-Pearson, GB 1926)
Dir: George Pearson

Madame Pompadour (British International Pictures, GB 1927)
Dir: Herbert Wilcox


Are We Downhearted? (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB c.1909)

Are You a Lip Reader? (Pathe, GB 1933)

Betty Chester in ‘Pigtail Alley’ (De Forest Phonofilms, GB 1926)

Billy Merson in ‘Russian Opera’ (De Forest Phonofilms, GB 1926)

Bobby the Boy Scout, or, The Boy Detective (,GB )

Bunkered at Blackpool (Weister Bros., GB c.1913)

By The Side of the Zuyder Zee [‘Cinematophone Singing Pictures series No. 108’] (Walturdaw Company, GB 1907)

The Dance of the Sea (GB nk)

The Dog Outwits the Kidnappers (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1908)
Dir: Lewin Fitzhamon

The Dull Razor (, GB )

1st SW London (Putney) Boy Scouts Camp in Camp at Polzeath (GB 1909)[Herbert Campbell as ‘Little Bobby’] (British Mutoscope and Biograph Company, GB c.1899)

I Want to Be Alone with Mary Brown (GB 1928)Just Keep a Thought for Me (GB nk)

Kitty Mahone (GB 1900)

The Lie (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1914)
Dir: Frank WilsonLightning (GB 1933)

Lord Roberts Hoisting Union Jack at Pretoria (GB )

The Luck of the Red Lion (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1912)
Dir: Hay Plumb

Masques and Grimaces (GB c.1901)

May Moore Duprez: Whilst You Wait (Precision Films, GB 1912)

Mister Moon (Mitchell and Kenyon, GB 1901)

The Night I Fought Jack Johnson (Hepworth Manufacturing Works, GB c.1912)

The Old Chorister (Williamson Kinematograph Company, GB 1904)
Dir: James Williamson

The Plumber and the Lunatics (Walter Tyler Film Company, GB 1908)

The Prince at the Jamboree (GB 1929)

Rally of Birmingham Boy Scouts [Williamson Animated News No. 53] (GB 1909)Rescued in Mid-Air (Clarendon Film Company, GB 1906)
Dir: Percy Stow

A Second Peep at Mayfair and Montmartre (GB c.1921)
Shakespeare’s Country (GB 1926)

The Sheepstealer (GB 1908)
Dir: William Haggar

The Toreador Song (GB 1909)

[Unidentified Gaumont Chronophone] (GB 1907)

The Waif and the Wizard; or, the Home Made Happy (Paul’s Animatograph Works, GB 1901)
Dir: Walter R. BoothWashing the Sweep (GB 1898)  Dir: James WilliamsonWhere Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone [‘Cinematophone Singing Pictures series No. 102’] (Walturdaw Company, GB 1907)

Whisper and I Shall Hear (GB 1913)

Words and Music: No. 2 (GB 1928)The World Famous Musical Comedy Artists Seymour Hicks and Ellaline Terris in a Selection of Their Dances (Topical Film Company, GB 1912)Wrexham – Wales vs. Ireland, 1906 (GB 1906)EXTRACTS (from Features)The Battle of Waterloo (British and Colonial Kinematograph Company, GB 1913)
Dir: Charles Weston

Carnival (Alliance Films Corporation, GB 1921)
Dir: Harley Knoles

The Flag Lieutenant (Astra-National, GB 1926)
Dir Maurice Elvey

Lady Windermere’s Fan (Ideal Film Company, GB 1916)
Dir: Fred Paul

The Lure of Crooning Water (George Clark Productions, GB 1920)
Dir Arthue Rooke

Masks and Faces (Ideal Film Company, GB 1917)
Dir: Fred Paul

The Passionate Adventure (Gainsborough Pictures, GB 1924)
Dir: Graham Cutts

Tansy (Hepworth Picture Plays, GB 1921)
Dir: Cecil M. Hepworth

Underground (British Instructional Films, GB 1928)
Dir: Anthony Asquith

The Vicar of Wakefield (Ideal Film Company, GB 1916)
Dir: Fred Paul

EXTRACTS (from shorts)

The Antidote (De Forest Phonofilms, GB 1927)

Mr. Smith Wakes Up (De Forest Phonofilms, GB 1929)


Selection of films from the BFIs ‘Silent Shakespeare’ video

‘George Pearson: Pioneer Filmmaker [includes clip from Reveille (1924)], extract from the TV series ‘Yesterday’s Witness’ (1969)


The Cinema and the Goose Fair
The World in 1900

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