The 10th British Silent Cinema Festival        26 – 29 April

Underworld: Crime and Deviancy in the British Silent Film

Broadway, Nottingham



The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu (A E Coleby, GB 1923) 60mins. Episodes:

The Silver Buddha and The Fungi Cellars

A Girl of London (Henry Edwards, GB 1925) 1hr 9mins

Lieutentant Daring and the Splodge of Opium

The Four Just Men (George Ridgewell, GB 1921) 1hr 6mins

The Gentle Doctor (Fred Paul, 1921) 13mins

Jeremy Jago – ‘A Death that Creeps Through Cracks ‘The Four Just Men and Edgar Wallace on Film

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes episode 1;

The Dying Detective (Maurice Elvey, GB 1921) 30mins

THE INAUGURAL RACHAEL LOW LECTURE – Presented by Sir Christopher Frayling: ‘Museum without walls – images of the museum in British film’

Peter Yorke – book launch – William Haggar Fairground Filmmaker: Biography of a Pioneer of the Cinema.

John Lee the Man They Could Not Hang (Arthur W Sterry, Aus. 1921) 1hr 20mins

The Story of the Kelly Gang (Charles Tait, Aus. 1906) 20mins


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes episode 11 The Copper Beeches ;( Maurice Elvey, GB 1921) 30mins

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: episode 13The Musgrave Ritual

(George Ridgewell, GB 1922) 30mins

Matthew Sweet ‘The Singular Case of Eille Norwood’

Tony Fletcher William Booth and the Salvation Army Films 1900-08

Jude Cowan T he ‘Mechanical Novelty’ in the Crime Film: L.C. MacBean’s Trapped by the London Sharks (Barker, 1916)

Bleak House (Maurice Elvey, GB 1921) 1hr 20mins)

True Crime panel: Bryony Dixon, Michael Eaton, Vanessa Toulmin

The Life Story of Charles Peace (William Haggar, GB 1905) 15mins

The Sidney Street Siege (1911)

John Lee The Man They Couldn’t Hang

Maurizio CinquegraniOriental Tyrants: Sax Rohmer, René Plaissetty and The Yellow Claw

Nathalie Morris Two-Reel Tales: The Stoll Film Company and Series Production 1921-1925

Gerry Turvey  “Another of those sex films”: The Transgressive Films of Harold Weston 1914-17

The Ware Case (Manning Haynes, GB 1928)

Underworld (Joseph Von Sternberg USA 1927)


The Tempter (F Martin Thornton, GB 1913)
Peter Walsh   Peace or Pursuit? The History and Legacy of the Sheffield Photographic Company.

Andrew Higson  Crime and Deviancy in the Picture House

Sarah MacGregor ‘Rippermania’! Images of London’s East End looking at Waxworks, The Lodger and Pandora’s Box

Crime Fiction Overview: including

The Arrest of a Pickpocket (Birt Acres, GB 1895)

Sweeney Todd (extr.)

Lady Audley’s Secret (1920)

Judith McLaren – Ultus: The Man from the Dead : a reconstruction of Britain’s first serial

Frank Scheide – Chaplin, Costers and London Streetlife

Ian Christie  – crime and cinemas

The First Born (Miles Mander, GB 1928) 1hr 24mins

Graham Petrie – Not Jack the Ripper: Hitchcock’s The Lodger


St Peter’s Church: The Lodger (Alfred Hitchcock, GB 1927)

+The Life of Charles Peace (William Haggar, GB 1905)



Bulldog Drummond’s Third Round (Sydney Morgan GB 1925) 1hr 10mins

Peter Yorke on his forthcoming biography of William Haggar

Amy Sargeant –  Gigolos and Older Women

Lawrence Napper – ‘Exploiting the Dead Actress: Billie Carleton and The Case of the Shocking Life Drama’

The Women’s Film History Project chaired by Christine Gledhill

Including screening The Exploits of Three-Fingered Kate (1912)

Nell Emerald: 6mins ext. from Yesterday’s Witness presented by Tony Fletcher

The Woman Who Did (5mins ext) presented by Amy Sargeant

Update on the Women Film Pioneers GB and Women in Silent Britain projects

Dylan Cave introduction to

Young Woodley (Thomas Bentley 1929)1hr 25mins + trailer

The Sign of Four (Maurice Elvey, GB 1923) 90mins

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