L’Hirondelle et la mésange (André Antoine, 1920)

L’Hirondelle et la mésange (André Antoine, 1920)

The British Silent Film Festival exists to promote interest in British film before 1930. Our annual festival draws on archive collections from all over the world. Our focus is always British silent film but we also widen our net to bring you fantastic silent films produced in other countries and for the next two years will be dipping our toes into the early sound era to give greater context for our  silent / sound transitional films.

The next  British Silent Film Festival will be held from 13-17 September 2017 the Phoenix, Leicester’s Film and Digital Media Centre,  conveniently located within Leicester’s Cultural Quarter and is easy to get to by either train, bus or car.

The Festival is directed, organised and programmed by Laraine Porter, Bryony Dixon, Neil Brand, Sue Porter and Pete Groschl (with a little help from our friends).

You can contact us at lporter@dmu.ac.uk


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