The 4th British Silent Cinema Weekend    6-8 April

Crossing the Pond: the special relationship between Britain and America 

Broadway, Nottingham



Exit Smiling (MGM, US 1926)
Dir: Sam Taylor

The Informer (British International Pictures, GB 1929)
Dir: Arthur Robison

Kipps; The Story of a Simple Soul (Stoll Film Company, GB 1921)
Dir: Harold Shaw


The Amorous Milkman (GB 1904)

Billy Nelson in His Harry Lauder Burlesque ‘Scotland’s Whiskey’ (, GB 1926)

Bonzolino; or, Bonzo Broadcasted [‘Bonzo series No. 10’] (New Era, GB 1925)

Sleepless [‘Bully Boy series No. 3’] (Neptune Films, GB 1914)
Dir: Lancelot Speed

Bunny at the Derby (Vitaphone Company of America, US 1912)
Dir: Laurence Trimble

The Child Stealers (GB 1904)

A Christmas Carol (London Film Company, GB 1914)
Dir: Harold Shaw

The Favourite for the Jamaica Cup (GB 1913)

Joseph Termini – The Somnolent Melodist (GB 1926)

The Lad From Old Ireland (Kalem Company, US 1910)
Dir: Sidney Olcott

Paul England and Dorothy Boyd’s ‘Knee Deep in Daisies’ (GB 1926)
Peter’s Picture Poems (Kine Komedy Kartoons GB 1918)
Dir: Anson Dyer

The Professor (GB 1903)

A Race for a Kiss (GB 1904)

The Ring and the Rajah (London Film Company, GB 1914)
Dir: Harold Shaw

Rory O’More (Kalem Company, US 1911)
Dir: Sidney Olcott

Somewhere in Wrong [‘Stan Laurel Comedies series’] (Standard Cinema Corporation, US 1925)
Dir: Percy Pembroke

The Two Columbines (London Film Company, GB 1914)
Dir: Harold Shaw

Ultus and the Grey Lady (Gaumont, GB 1916)
Dir: George Pearson

The Warning (Majestic Motion Picture Company, US 1914)
Dir: Donald Crisp

Who Said We Can’t Make British Pictures? (Pathe, GB 1926)

EXTRACTS (from Features)

The Clue of the New Pin (British Lion Film Corporation, GB 1929)
Dir: Arthur Meade

Nell Gwynne (British National, GB 1926)
Dir: Herbert Wilcox

EXTRACTS (from Shorts)

America’s Answer to the Hun ( US 1918)

Flashes of Action (US c.1919)

Hands Across the Sea (GB 1918)

Ivanhoe (Independent Moving Pictures Film Co., US 1913)
Dir: Herbert Brenon

Ivanhoe (Zenith Film Company, GB 1913)
Dir: Leedham Bantock

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