The 6th British Silent Cinema Weekend       3-7 April

Location, Location, Location

Broadway, Nottingham



1900 Stonehenge – Panorama of the Ancient Druidical Remains

1900 Clifton Suspension Bridge

1904 Scenes On the Cornish Riviera

1907 North Wales, England; Land of Castles and Waterfalls

1909 A Holiday Trip to the Clyde Coast of Scotland

1910 Scenes in Jersey

1910 Shakespeare Land

1921 Canterbury Cathedral (Beauties of British Antiquity)

1921 Cheddar

1921 Up the River With Molly

1922 (Picturing Charles Urban)

1926 Wonderful Wye (Beauties of Britain)

1926 Wonderful Britain Series – Away To the West Colour

1908 Whaling Afloat and Ashore

1909 Trip To the White Sea Fisheries

1910 A Day in the Life of a Coalminer

1912 Scenes in the Scilly Isles

1920 Malvern Hills

1920 Manufacture of Stilton Cheese

1920 Oyster Fishing At Whitstable, England (Actually C.1907)

1922 Duke of York’s Visit To Horrock’s Mills

1930 Lace

1930 Workshop of the World – Birmingham


Owd Bob (1924)

A Couple of Down and Outs (Nlds/GB 1923)

Mist in the Valley (1923)

Tansy (1921)

The Lure of Crooning Water (GB 1920)

A Little Bit of Fluff (GB 1928)

The Vagabond Queen (1929)

South (1919)

The Wrecker (1930)

Boy Woodburn (1930)

Prints from

Manxland and its Beauties (Tyler 1910)

Broken Faith (British and Colonial)

Didums and the Bathing Machine (Clarendon 1911)

Tilly In a Boarding House (Hepworth 1912)


1909 Burnham Beeches

1904 A Day in the Hayfields

1905 Glimpses of Country Life

1907 In the Scottish Highlands

1913 Blackpool High Tide

1919 Aeroplanes

Billy Merson Sings Desdemona

Bill and Coo

Billy Merson In Russian Opera

Soldiers Return

Firemen To the Rescue

Daring Daylight Robbery

It’s Not My Parcel

A Pair of Truants

(1903) Desparate Poaching Affray

The Horsestealer

Motor Pirates

Catching A Burglar

Moonlight Trip On The Nile

Pathe: Down In the Forest – In the Heart of Dartmoor 1930

Along the Tees – 1929

Down the Rheidol Valley – 1929

Lakeland Glimpses – 1930

London’s Lungs

The River

Two Minutes In the Broad-Acred County

The Palace of The Stuarts

Glimpses of York

When Henry I Was King

A Shropshire Gem

In The West Country

Gordon Bennett Motor Race 1903

Early Motor Race C 1905

Motor Climbing Contest At Crystal Palace ‘

Smallest Car

Trojan Car

Hints To Motorists In Safety First By Sf Edge

Old Motor Cars

Ill Fares The Land

1900 Rough Sea

1900 Heroes of Ladysmith Marching Through London

Thames River Scene +1900 Panorama of the Paris Exhibition

Skirmish With the Boers Near Kimberley

First Airship Flight To the Tropcs Topical Budget

Tragic End of R101

Great Airship

At Kitty Hawk, N.C.: The Wright Brothers Made their First Flight 25 Years Ago (1928)

Early Aircraft (C1908)

Bleriot Crosses the Channel In 31′ (1909)

Flying At Rheims (1909)

Blackpool Aviators Meeting (1909)

Ah!… Da Fliegt Ein Aeroplan! (1910)

Early Aeroplane Flight and Wreck (1910)

Aeroplane Gliding (C1910)

Great London To Manchester Aerial Race (1910)

Bournemouth Aviation Meeting: Second Day (1910)

Lieutenant Rose and the Stolen Battleship (1912)

Pre-World War One Aircraft

1901 Panorama of Ealing From A Moving Tram

1920 the Agony of Belfast’

1922 Marconi Mast’

  1. London By Night (‘Wonderful London’ Series)

Wishaw Co-Op Society Gala Day 1909

Colchester Co-Op Society Jubilee Parade C. 1921

1898 View From An Engine Front – Ilfracombe

EXTRACTS (from Features)

Pipes of Pan

Nothing Else Matters


Comin Thro the Rye

Chaplin Out Takes

Mysteries of London

Rogues of London

At the Villa Rose

The First Cameraman In Iceland

Open Road

The Lady Owner

Victorian Cinema 16 Boer War Various

Arrival Of the Boer Generals

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