The 5th British Silent Cinema Weekend    4 – 8 April

Scene Stealing: Investigating British Silent Cinema and its Sources 

Broadway,  Nottingham


David Copperfield (Nordisk Film Kompagni, Denmark 1922)
Dir: anders Wilhelm Sandberg

East is East (Turner Film Company, GB 1916)
Dir: Henry Edwards

East Lynne (Barker Motion Photography, GB 1913)
Dir: Bert Haldane

Emerald of the East (British Pacific / British International Pictures, GB 1928)
Dir: Jean de Kuharski

St Peters Church
The Ghost Train (Gainsborough Pictures / Phoebus Film-AG, GB/Germany 1927)
Dir: Geza von Bolvary

Kitty (British International Pictures / Burlington Films, GB 1929)
Dir: Victor Saville

Lady Audley’s Secret (Ideal Film Company, GB 1920)
Dir: Jack Denton

The Man without Desire (Atlas Biocraft, GB 1923)
Dir: Adrian Brunel

Tom Brown’s Schooldays (Regal Films, GB 1916)
Dir: Rex Wilson

The Triumph of the Rat (Gainsborough Pictures / Piccadilly Pictures, GB 1926)
Dir: Graham Cutts

Underground (British Instructional Films, GB 1928)
Dir: Anthony Asquith

The Actors Squad (De Forest Phonofilms, GB 1927)

Alice in Wonderland (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1903)
Dir: Percy Stow and Cecil M. Hepworth

Ambush (Mitchell and Kenyon, GB 1900) The Bacon Grabbers (Hal Roach Studios, US 1929) The Bailiffs (Associated Talking Pictures, GB 1932)
Dir: Frank Cadman

Billy Merson Singing ‘Desdemonia’ (De Forest Phonofilms, GB 1927)

The Birth of a Flower [‘Urban Science series’] (Charles Urban Trading Company, GB 1910)
Dir: Percy Smith

The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Gaumont Film Company, GB 1904)
Dir: Alf CollinsBloodhounds Tracking a Convict  (GB 1903)
Dir: R. W. Paul

The Boy and the Convict (Williamson Kinematograph Company, GB 1909)
Dir: Dave Aylott

Brave Children; or, the Young Thief Catchers (Cricks and Martin, GB 1908)
Dir: A. E. Coleby

Cheese Mites; or, Lilliputians in a London Restaurant (Paul’s Animatograph Works, GB 1901)
Dir: Walter R. Booth

Cheese Mites (GB 1903)
Dir: Percy Smith

Christmas Day in the Workhouse (Samuelson Film Company, GB 1914)
Dir: George Pearson

David Copperfield (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1913)
Dir: Thomas Bentley

[Edwardian Folkestone] (GB c.1904) Exceeding His Duty (GB 1911)
Dir: Cecil M. HepworthFootpads (Paul’s Animatograph Works, GB 1896) Funeral of Lieutenant Dinwoodie (GB nk)

An Interrupted Journey (GB 1905)
Dir: Lewin Fitzhamon

Kate Purloins The Wedding Presents [from ‘Exploits of Three-Fingered Kate’ series] (British and Colonial Kinematograph Company, GB 1912)
Dir: Charles Raymond

The Latest News (Warwick Trading Company, GB 1904)

Lewis Casson and Old Vic Company in excepts from ‘The Merchant of Venice’ (De Forest Phonofilms, GB 1927)

The Little Match Seller (Williamson Kinematograph Company, GB 1902)
Dir: James Williamson

Love Story of Ann Thomas [The Maid of Cefn Ydfa] (GB 1913)
Dir: William Hagger, Jr

[Man Meets Ragged Boy] (G. A. Smith, GB c.1902)
Dir: G. A. SmithMatches: An Appeal (GB c1908)
Dir: Arthur Melbourne Cooper

The Medium Exposed; or, A Modern Spiritualistic Seance (Paul’s Antimatograph Works, GB 1906)
Dir: J. H. Martin (?)

Napoleon and the English Sailor (Gaumont Film Company, GB 1908)
Dir: Alf Collins

Nicholas Nickleby (Gaumont Film Company, US 1903)
Dir: Alf Collins
Cast: William Carrington

Oliver Twist (Vitagraph Company of America, US 1909)
Dir: J. Stuart Blackton
Cast: Edith Storey, William Humphrey, Elita Proctor Otis

The Press – Illustrated (GB 1904)
Dir: Lewin Fitzhamon

A Railway Collision (Paul’s Animatograph Works, GB 1900)
Dir: Walter R. Booth

A Reservist, Before the War, and After the War (Williamson Kinematograph Company, GB 1902)
Dir: James Williamson

Robbery (Paul’s Animatograph Works, GB 1897)
Dir: R. W. Paul

Robinson Crusoe (G. A. Smith, GB 1902)
Dir: G. A. Smith

Rothesay Peace Celebrations (GB  nk)

Santos Canasi and Jose Lennard in an Exhibition of the New Flat Charleston (De Forest Phonofilms, GB 1927)

Scrooge, or Marley’s Ghost (Paul’s Animatograph Works, GB 1901)
Dir: Walter R. Booth

Strength and Agility of Insects [‘Urban Science series’] (Charles Urban Trading Company, GB c.1911)
Dir: Percy Smith

[Tartans of the Scottish Clans] (Natural Colour Kinematograph Company, GB c.1906)
Dir: G. A. Smith

To Demonstrate How Spiders Fly [‘Urban Science series’] (Charles Urban Trading Company, GB c.1909)
Dir: Percy Smith

Tommy Atkins in the Park (Paul’s Animatograph Works, GB 1898)
Dir: R. W. Paul

[Topical Budget – War office (Hall Caine)] (1st December, 1917)

[Unidentified Chronophone Film – Drawing Room] (GB 1906)

Upside Down; or, the Human Flies (Paul’s Animatograph Works, GB 1898)

Water Fleas and Rotifers [‘Urban Science series’] (Charles Urban Trading Company, GB 1903)
Dir: Percy Smith

EXTRACTS (from Features)

Bleak House (Ideal Film Company, GB 1920)
Dir: Maurice Elvey
Cast: Constance Collier, Berta Gellardi, E. Vivian Reynolds, Norman Page

The Bondman (British and Dominions, GB 1929)
Dir: Herbert Wilcox
Cast: Frances Cuyler, Norman Kerry, Donald McCardle, Dora Barton

High Treason (Gaumont-British Picture Corporation, GB 1929)
Dir: Maurice Elvey
Cast: Benita Hume, Jameson Thomas, Humberston Wright, Kiyoshi Takase

Little Dorrit (Progress Film Company, GB 1920/21)
Dir: Sidney Morgan
Cast: Lady Tree, Langhorn Burton, Joan Morgan, Compton Coutts

Lille Dorrit [Little Dorrit] (Nordish Film Kompagni, Denmark 1924)
Dir: anders Wilhelm Sandberg
Cast: Karina Bell, Karen Caspersen, Torben Meyer

Nelson; the Story of a England’s Immortal Naval Hero (International Exclusives, GB 1919)
Dir: Maurice Elvey
Cast: Donald Calthrop, Malvina Longfellow, Ivy Close, Ernest Thesiger

The Only Way (Herbert Wilcox Productions, GB 1926)
Dir: Herbert Wilcox
Cast: John Martin Harvey, Madge Stuart, Betty Faire, Ben Webster

Palais de Danse (Gaumont-British Picture Corporation, GB 1928)
Dir: Maurice Elvey
Cast: Mabel Poulton, John Longden, Robin Irvine, Hilda Moore

The Prodigal Son (Stoll Picture Productions, GB 1923)
Dir: A. E. Coleby
Cast: Stewart Rome, Henry Victor, Edith Bishop, Colette Brettel

Squibs (Welsh-Pearson, GB 1921)
Dir: George Pearson
Cast: Betty Balfour, Hugh E. Wright, Fred Groves, Annette Benson

Sweeney Todd (Ideal Film Company, GB 1926)
Dir: George Dewhurst
Cast: Moore Marriott, Zoe Palmer, Judd Green, Harry Lorraine

The Vortex (Gainsborough Pictures, GB 1928)
Dir: Adrian Brunel
Cast: Ivor Novello, Willette Kershaw, Frances Doble, Alan Hollis

The Wandering Jew (Stoll Picture Productions, GB 1923)
Dir: Maurice Elvey
Cast: Matheson Lang, Hutin Britton, Malvina Longfellow, Isobel Elsom

The Wonderful Story (Graham-Wilcox Productions, GB 1922)
Dir: Graham Cutts
Cast: Lillian Hall-Davies, Herbert Langley, Olaf Hytten, Bernard Vaughan


The Cricket on the Hearth (Biograph Company, US 1909)
Dir: D. W. Griffith
Cast: Owen Moore, Violet Mersereau, Linda Arvindson, Dorothy West

A Daughter of Romany (Edison Photplays, US 1913/14)
Dir: Charles Brabin

The Pickwick Papers (Vitagraph Company of America, US/GB 1913)
Dir: Laurence Trimble
Cast: John Bunny, James Pryor, Sidney Hunt, Fred Hornby

Stanton’s Last Fling (, US 1913)
Dir: Charles M. Seay

A Tale of Two Cities (Vitagraph Company of America, US 1911)
Dir: J. Stuart Blackton and William Humphrey
Cast: Maurice Costello, Florence Turner, John Bunny, Norma Talmadge


Selection of Mitchell and Kenyon films)


Magic Lantern Presentation by Peter Gillies “Gabriel Grub” and “The Old Curiosity Shop”

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