The 7th British Silent Cinema Festival        15-19 April 2004

 ‘Goodbye to all that’ – British Silent Cinema and World War I

Broadway, Nottingham


Land of Hope and Glory (Harley Knoles, 1927) 89mins

Toby Haggith (Imperial War Museum): The Dead, Battlefield Burials and the Unveiling of War Memorials in Films of the First World War era

Briony Clarke (University of East Anglia) From the Spectacular to the Sacred: Pathe Memorial Pictures and Battlefield Tourism after the First World War.

Peace on the Western Front – A Story of the Battlefields (1930) 33mins:

IWM short films ‘Join the Army and See the World’

The Military Film as Travelogue (Part 1)

Peter Hallinan (IWM): ‘A Flying Start’

Introduction to the IWM Archive’s Fisher Collection.

Roger Smither (IWM): First World War themes and icons foreshadowing

World War II

Kay Gladstone (IWM): Captain Bromhead’s Film Mission to Russia,


IWM short films: ‘Join the Army and See the World’

The Military Film as Travelogue (Part 2).

Dawn (Herbert Wilcox 1928) 86 mins plus IWM short films including Stand By the Men Who Have Stood By You (Herbert Wilcox, 1917) 5mins. approx. 20mins. Introduced by Jeremy Lewis (Nottingham Evening Post)


Tony Fletcher: Prelude, Shrapnel & Fugue (Programme A: Part I and II)

‘Prelude’- The Houndsditch Murders (1911)

The Peril of the Fleet (1912)

From Behind the Glory (1912)

Mayor Kingstoric Call to Armistice (1914)

‘Shrapnel’- Defence of Verdun (1921)

Scottish Women’s Hospital (1917)

Nurse and Martyr (1915)

The Leopard’s Spots (1918)

Mike Hammond: Goodbye to All That or Business As Usual? History &

Memory of the Great War in British Cinema

4th Loyal North- Lancashire Roll of Honour (1915) 2mins

Man Who Came Back (1915) ext. 14 mins

Battle of the Somme (1916) ext. 3mins

Wounded Warriors: Topical Budget

Elaine Burrows: Animation & World War I

Matches Appeal (1899/1918)

Sleepless (Bully Boy No.3) (1914)

Peace & War Pencillings by Harry Furniss (1914)

A Fight to the Finish (Studdy’s War Cartoon) (1915)

‘A Pencil’ and Alick (P F Ritchie, 1915)

John Bulls’ Animated Sketch Book No.4 (1916)

Ever Been Had (1917)

Total running time = 29mins

Claudia Sternberg: of Civilians as Victims, Tailors as Colonels and Comrade

Wives – War-related Feature Films of the Silent Era 1919-1929

General Post (1920) ext

Panel discussion:

The uses of archive material in contemporary programmes

Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands (Walter Summers, 1927) 95mins

Introduction by Amy Sargeant

Gerry Turvey: The British & Colonial “What the Company Did in the Great War”

Christine Gledhill: Remembering World War I in 1920s British Cinema

Wonderful Story (1922) 4 mins

Mademoiselle From Armentieres (1926) ext. 5mins

The First Born (1928) 3.5 mins

Reveille 3mins

Michael Williams: Keep the Home Fires Burning (1916) and The Guns of Loos (1928)

The Guns of Loos (Sinclair Hall, 1928) 93mins plus short films

Introduction by Michael Williams.


The Warrior Strain (F. Martin Thornton, 1919) 50mins

Non-English Perspectives:

Roel Vande Winkel: Belgian Documentary With Our Boys at the Yser [Met onze Jongens aan den Ijzer] (1929)

Jan anders Diesen: Censored Films

Leslie DeBauche: Exporting US Film & Ideology after WWI

Leen Engelen (University of Leuven, Belgium): In Flander’s Fields? The Absence of the British in Belgian Silent-Era Films of the First World War. Belgique Martyr 5mins

Dave Berry: The Strange Case of Lawrence Cowen & It Is For England (1916)

Simon Brown: World War I & the British Horror Film

Steve Foxon: Social and Industrial Britain during World War I. The Hornsby Train Tractor 15mins

Old Bill Through the Ages (Thomas Bentley 80 mins) 1924

Old Bill and the work of Bruce Bairnsfather.

Presentation by Frank Scheide

’Goodbye To All That’ – Luke McKernan & Frank Gray

Passmore Family Films (1903-03) 10 mins

Phantom Ride and Panorama (Cecil Hepworth, 1902)

Edwardian Folkestone (1904)

Old London Street Scenes (1903)

A Day in the Hayfields (Cecil Hepworth, 1904)

Oyster Fishing in Whitstable (Charles Urban, 1920)

Torpedo Attack On HMS Dreadnought (Charles Urban, 1907)

A Holiday Trip to the Clyde Coast of Scotland (Charles Urban, 1909)

Jack Johnson Pays A Visit to the Manchester Docks (1911)

The Great East End Anarchist Battle (1911) Gaumont

Great London to Manchester Aerial Race (1910) Warwick

Scenes in the Record Suffragette Demonstration in London (1910)

Shotton May Fair and John Summers’ Picnic (1913)

The Derby 1913 (1913) Topical Budget

Our King Emperor and Queen Empress Hold A Durbar At Delhi (1911)

Passmore Family Films (1903-03)

St Peters Church

Reconstruction of original Nottingham screening:

The Battle of the Somme (1916) plus short films


Tony Fletcher: Prelude, Shrapnel & Fugue (Programme B)


War Neuroses (1917/1918)

War Seal Manuscript (1919)

Armistice Day of 1928 (1928)

Vicarage Tris, Kerbstoreknt (1928)

David Mayer: Why Girls Leave Home: Bad Girl/Good Girl

Plays and Films c.1895-1925

Jude Cowan: First World War as Patriotic Opportunity

The German Spy Peril (1914) 17mins

David Williams: “Ladies of the Lamp”: Women in WWI Film

Paul Moody: Illicit Cinema Practices during World War I

Allen Eyles: The Effect of World War I on British Cinemas and


Lads From the Village (1919) 3.5 mins ext

The Better ‘Ole (1926) ext

Blighty (1927) 13mins ext

Mademoiselle From Armentières (1926) 23mins ext

Films from the Mitchell & Kenyon Collection

Introduced by Vanessa Toulmin and Rebecca Vick

Jenny Hammerton: Forces Sweethearts: British Stars and the War Effort

Jane Bryan: The Transformation of Picturegoer During WWI

Journey’s End (James Whale, 1930) 122mins + original trailer Introduced by Ian Christie

High Treason (Maurice Elvey, 1929) 75mins


The Passionate Adventure (Graham Cutts, 1924) 80mins with German intertitles

The General Post (Thomas Bentley, 1920) 64mins

Heroic Cinematograph, (Laurent Veray and Agnes de Sacy, 47 mins) France (2003)

Die Andere Seite [The Other Side] Germany (1931) 100mins with English subtitles

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