The 1st British Silent Film Festival         25 – 26 April

 The Forgotten Cinema British Film Before 1930

 Phoenix Arts, Leicester 


Comradeship [Comrades in Arms] (Stoll Film Company, GB 1919)
Director: Maurice Elvey

The Ring (British International Pictures, GB 1927)
Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep (Welsh-Pearson, GB 1922)
Director: George Pearson


Attack on a Chinese Mission – Bluejackets to the Rescue (Williamson Kinematograph Company, GB 1900)
Dir: James Williamson

Blood and Bosh (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1913)
Dir: Hay Plumb
Cast: Jack Hulcup, Chrissie White, Hay Plumb, Alma Taylor

A Breach of Promise Case (British and Colonial Kinematograph Company, GB 1908)

C.O.D. – A Mellow Drama (GB 1929)
Dir: Lloyd T. Richards, Desmond Dickinson, Gerald Gibbs, Harcourt Templeman

The Countryman and the Cinematograph (Paul’s Animatograph Works, GB 1901)
Dir: R. W. Paul

Crossing the Great Sagrada (GB 1924)
Dir: Adrian Brunel

The Dog Outwits the Kidnappers (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1908)
Dir: Lewin Fitzhamon

Fire! (Williamson Kinematograph Company, GB 1901)
Dir: James Williamson

Jack Spratt’s Parrot Gets His Own Back (Clarendon Film Company, GB 1916)
Dir: Toby Cooper

Kate Purloins The Wedding Presents [from ‘Exploits of Three-Fingered Kate’ series] (British and Colonial Kinematograph Company, GB 1912)
Dir: Charles Raymond

Lieutenant Lily and the Splodge of Opium (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1913)
Dir: Hay Plumb

The Man to Beat Jack Johnson (Tyler Film Company, GB 1910)

The Man Who Came Back (Regent Pictures, GB c.1915)

Pimple’s Battle of Waterloo (Phoenix Film Company, GB 1913)
Dir: Fred Evans

Rescued by Rover (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1905)
Dir: Lewin Fitzhamon and Cecil M. Hepworth

Richard III (Co-Operative Cinematograph Company, GB 1911)
Dir: Frank R. Benson

The Unclean World (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1903)
Dir: Percy Stow

Which Switch [‘Q-riosities, No. 12’] (Hepworth Manufacturing Company, GB 1922)
Dir: Gaton Quiribet

A Wild Goose Chase (Clarendon Film Company, GB 1908)
Dir: Percy Stow

EXTRACTS (Features)

The Lure of Drink (Barker Motion Photography, GB 1915)
Dir: A. E. Coleby

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