At a glance timetable

Thursday 10 September

9am onwards:       Registration in the Phoenix foyer

10.30am               The W Plan + introduction

1.30pm                 Was Blackmail Britain’s First Talkie?

2.30pm                 Dark Red Roses

4.00pm                 Splinters

6.00pm                 High Treason

8.30pm                 The Guns of Loos

Friday 11 September

9am                       The Rocks of Valpre

11am                     Not for Sale

1.30pm                 The Man from Home

3.30pm                 The Strongest/Den Starkaste

6.00pm                 Three Live Ghosts

8.30pm                 Michel Strogoff

Saturday 12 September

9.00am                 Windjammer

11.00am               The World in 1915: The Sinking of the Lusitania

12.00pm               ‘The Death of a War Hero’ highlights from the Imperial War Museum

1.30pm                 Steamboat Bill Jnr and Buster Keaton programme

4.00pm                 The Great Game

6.00pm                 The Cosmic Voyage

8.30pm                 Jane Shore at Leicester Cathedral

Sunday 13 September

9am                      The World in 1915: Gallipoli

11am                     Tell England

1.30pm                 The Silent Persuaders: Early British Advertising Films

3.15pm                 The Kingdom of Rye/Ragens Rike

6.30pm                 Arsenal

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